As Aragami, you can manipulate the shadows but.. what does that mean in terms of gameplay?

There are 2 basic abilities available to you from the start of the game: Shadow Creation and Shadow Leap. Shadow Creation let’s you create shadows anywhere in the world, and Shadow Leap let’s you teleport instantly between any two shadows. The combination of those powers gives you almost unlimited mobility in the world, letting you move behind enemy positions (or above them) and explore your surroundings undetected.

But there’s much more than those 2 powers. It’s now time to talk about the Advanced Shadow Powers you can unlock through the game.

There are 6 unlockable Shadow Powers: 3 “Yūrei” (Ghost) Powers, and 3 Shinigami (Death God) Powers, which correspond to two different play styles.


Use darkness as a cloak to stay invisible for a brief amount of time.


Summon your pet raven to give you the location of nearby enemies.


Summon a Shadow Clone to distract your targets and play with their senses.


Temporarily blind your enemies and stop pursuers to help you escape.


Place traps and trigger them at will to call upon the abyss.


Solidify the shadows into a deadly weapon and snipe down distant enemies.

These have been just an introduction to the different unlockable Shadow Powers in Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows. In the next few months we’ll be showing how they work in-game.